Welcome to GunSafeHQ. We are passionate about guns, but we are more passionate about the safety of guns. We are the authority and headquarters for safe storage of your guns and weapons.

We have researched, tested and listened to customers of all different types of safes used for weapons to give you the best knowledge about guns safes, rifle safes currently in the market. We hope to provide you with the best gun safes and gun safe reviews.

Your gun safe should be stored in a concealed area of your home. All gun safes can be broken into by someone with enough will. We recommend keeping your gun safe in the room you spend most time in- usually your bedroom or office. If you're still not sure which gun safe to pick, see our list for the top 8 gun safes. This guide is aimed to help you compare all the options between gun safes and help you make a decision in the perfect gun safe for your handgun.  Read more.

Biometric gun safes use technology for advanced finger print recognition to open the gun safe. If the biometric technology works properly, it allows for quick access to your gun. Some safes that we have tested have better biometric technology than some others. The biometric technology had trouble reading wet or sweaty fingerprints during the testing of our safes. This could be an issue if you need quick access to your weapon. For this reason, we recommend sticking to the keypad or key system whether its digital or not. Read more.

When driving between different states, you should be aware of the state gun laws and requirements for concealed carry. Some states require your gun to be unloaded or stored somewhere securely. We recommend keeping your gun unloaded and stored somewhere without direct access such as the trunk, backseat, or gun safe. Keeping your gun safe under your car seat will give you the quickest access to your weapon. This is why we recommend hiding your gun safe underneath your seat. Make sure your gun safe is concealed from direct sight from the outside. ​Read more.

When it comes to choosing the best gun safe, there are many different factors you need to consider. If you are looking for a gun safe chances are you are a gun owner and have a family or young children around the house. With all the events that have occurred around the world, it’s easy to understand why people want to own a gun; it’s also easy to understand why you should keep your gun hidden and secure from your children or anyone of threat. Read more.

Gun safes that are stored in environments without climate control (HVAC) are under risk of moisture and humidity damage. There are a 2 ways to control the humidity inside a gun safe. You can use silica gels that absorb the humidity or electric rod / head dehumidifiers which which heat the temperature inside the gun safe about 10 degree hotter than the outside temperature. This keeps the air dry inside. Read more.

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